Black truffle pasta and chickpeas

Chickpeas soup is a common flavour of central Italy which takes its origin from the ban of meat on Fridays by the Roman Church.
With this selection, you repeat the ancient tradition of pizzicarolo – an original type of delicatessen’s owner from Rome – who used to soak in water the chickpeas on Thursday night and sell the soup on Friday morning in the Rome’s Trastevere market.

In this selection you can find:

  • 750 ml Platone Bellone grapes organic white wine
  • 500g Paccheri Gragnano pasta
  • 400 g Umbria chickpeas
  • 30 g whole black truffle
  • 30 g truffle carpaccio
  • 100ml organic extra virgin olive oil
  • 120g Sicily hand-picked whole salt flower

Servings for: 2-5 people.


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Our food story

Black truffle pasta and chickpeas is one of the best recipes to make truffle taste great. All the earth-like taste of truffles comes from the unique soils and forests where it is naturally found.
Truffle has been known for millennials and it has always with the generating power of the pagan gods in ancient Greece and Roman empire. In the Middle Ages it was connected to the invisible powers of witches and occult natural forces.

This selection of truffle, chickpeas and pasta is a truly traditional main dish from Italy very popular during winter times.
Paccheri type is a unique pasta shape that manages to retain all the flavours and protect the sauce consistency.

Ingredients per person

  • 100 g Gragnano Paccheri pasta
  • 80 g Umbria chickpeas
  • 10 g whole black truffle
  • 10 g truffle carpaccio
  • 1 tablespoon organic extra-virgin olive oil
  • a pinch of Sicily hand-picked oregano whole salt flower


  • Put in water chickpeas for twelve hours.
  • Take half of the chickpeas and blend them to make a cream out of them.
  • Separately, put a few spoons of organic olive oil in a pot, add a few cloves of garlic as you like and fry them gently.
  • Of the rest of the chickpeas, add them to the pot (80g of chickpeas per person) and make them cook for two minutes.
  • After, add the chickpea cream to the pot, and then also pour truffle carpaccio to it.
  • Grate Umbria truffle on your plate when you serve chickpeas black truffle pasta.
  • Adjust with salt and organic olive oil you like.
Toss with Platone organic white wine glass!

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