The earrings on the olive tree

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Franco was the person who used to take the furthest fruits, as he was the most agile, and the kindest of the company. In reality, he suffered from vertigo, but there was a greater force that carried him to the top. For some time, Maria had been working in the field since her father died. Franco had always been afraid of going up because he knew that looking down would bring him back to the ground. Since Maria has been there, he knew that looking down would bring him back to the top.

Soon, Franco decided to talk to Maria. The war started: everything changed, his friends changed, there were no more fruit trees, but the only thought was to see Maria again. He saved cent by cent. Unfortunately, he had to return home before the end of the war for a bad wound, but with a small sum.

Franco quickly recovered and bought a pair of earrings to Maria – she had never worn anything of value. He gave them to her when they found themselves again picking olives together, but that very day a commando of soldiers arrived. Maria immediately took off her earrings and hung them on the branch of an immense olive tree.

Once the soldiers had left, Maria went back to search for the earrings. She looked everywhere. She was desperate – so Franco was. They never believed to the version that some of their friends had stolen them. From time to time, they returned to the same olive tree, silently, hand in hand, and swore they found some golden grass blades.

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