The hidden wine

“I remind you that sometimes it is better to leave the doubts behind, even during the night. Doubting is normal, and you have to be alone if you want to doubt. To know how true is what you say”.

He was almost surprised to have said such words. That wine was what was left for the last week of that summer.

There were already the new grapes, mute, there would have been: who pick them, who comments, who speaks nonsense, who works, who operates the tractor, who controls the bunches, who prepares the barrels, who sells, who waits, who controls the wine colour, who removes the dust, who tastes, who buys, who finds answers in the wine, who finds his doubts, who no longer distinguishes time – who leaves doubts behind.

Maybe also who prefers to be with someone, and with whom to doubt.

The other friend, remained silent, poured another glass, and looked straight deep into the glass.

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